Friday, June 8, 2012


So I went in today to see my doc. I got a scan to see what my due date really would be. With PCOS you never know. The doc didn't see anything. I had to bite my lip so that I didn't just burst out in tears right then. I had blood work done to see how my levels were doing, I have to call on Monday to see what the results are. I'm either not as far along as they believed (6 weeks), or something fishy is happening.

I hate that I have to wait till Monday. I hate that I'm stuck with a dark cloud over my head till then. I hate hurry up and wait.

I'm not really sure how to feel about all of this. As I got in the car to go home I thought "Well I knew that was too easy."  I hope that this feeling of doom is wrong. I just want this so bad, and I don't know how I'd make it threw if that awful M word struck here again.

Has anyone gone threw this?


Well I just went back and read some of the posts from when I was pregnant with Jack. I feel a little better. Not much but a little. At about this point, last time,  the RE was checking to see if my HCG had doubled. I think I'm not as far along as the Doc thought. At least I hope that's whats going on.

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Kelli said...

Oh, I hate that you didn't get great news today. :( That said, just hang in there, Mama. I've been there before and even with this pregnancy, the scans and bloodwork show me more than a week behind where I *should* be.

Lots of prayers for you tonight! Go love on Jack and spend your weekend doing fun stuff with him...Monday will come soon enough. Hugs!