Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The call.

Yesterday I called my Doctor's office left a message to get my test results with the receptionist, and was told, sorta rudely, that the Dr. wasn't in and wouldn't be all day, that she didn't know why i was told to call today, and she had no idea if his PA would be in either. WOW I was so mad I could have hit that lady... I remember really disliking her in my last pregnancy too.

Anyhow, an hour or two later the PA called me back. My level was 669. I asked what my first one was and she said they didn't have it, all it said was positive. *SIGH* OKAY. So I'm pregnant. That level puts me in the 5 week range, which would mean that when the scan was done I was 4 weeks. So that explains why nothing was seen. By my LMP I was *supposed* to be 6 weeks. I sorta knew that there was no way I was that far along. The math didn't work.

So anyhow, I go back Thursday for another scan. The PA said they are pretty sure they should see something then.

I found out super early with Jack too... but at least that was handled well, It was sorta obvious I was early on, and the RE did a bunch of blood work, and repeated scans. I guess that is the difference between starting off at the RE and starting with a normal OB.

I'm trying to get over it, and just be excited and happy today.

On another note, I've got that whole bloat thing going on. It's pretty bad, like alot of pants wont button bad. So I tried on a pair of my maternity shorts, because I just couldn't get comphy. I couldn't get them over my butt! I felt so bad that apparently I'm bigger now than when I had Jack. ( I knew this of coarse... but I thought my clothes would still fit. I'm not that much bigger.) So I guess I'll be buying new clothes for this pregnancy. Any of you ladies know who has the cute clothes this year? ... I already know its not Target...  Sad :(


Kelli said...

This is good news, Mama! :)

It does kinda suck being a regular ol' pregnant lady, doesn't it? ;P Kinda drove me bananas, especially in the beginning when I was used to near constant monitoring in with PJ. It's better now, I guess, but I still wish I could see what's going on in there. :)

And don't get me started on maternity clothes. Apparently, I'm going to wear gargantuan t-shirts and stretchy, huge shorts for this entire pregnancy. Classy, huh?

Looking forward to hearing how things go on Thursday. Hugs to you!

Kelli said...

Hey lady...you've been on my mind lately. Hope you and yours are doing well. Hugs!