Sunday, January 22, 2012


So I woke up this morning and I have a crazy searing pain in my hip/back/butt area. I don't have a clue what caused it, I think I must have slept wrong. Not cool universe! I'm starting my new training program tommrow. Well at least I hope I am.

We've had a pretty laid back weekend. Just hanging around the house. Hub took Jack out to play in the snow for a while yesterday.

Today I think we are going to go out for lunch, we are all starting to get a bit of cabin fever.


Donor Diva said...

Sorry you are in pain :( and hoping it doesn't hamper your exercise goals. For the Wed weigh-in check out Michele's blog for the form we are using.

Loving the snow pics...I am hoping for one good snow this year. We have only had a few dustings this year. I need a good 6inches for some snow fun with Ant.

Sarah said...

I love the snow! We had terrible thunder storms here last night, which is just a bummer for January!

Sorry about your pain issues :( Hope you are feeling better!

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