Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 1 week 1

I managed to run even though my hip is still a bit sore. I wish I knew what I did to it, so I don't do it again!

I finished all 20 minutes of time today. I feel pretty good! I hate that I got so out of shape.

Hub got in on the fitness with me. He saw that I had saved my workout schedule on the computer and he's doing it with me. Although I think it might be too easy for him, but at least he's doing something. :) It's easier when he is on board with my weight loss, and trying to drop a few too, because that way he won't be bugging me to go out and eat junk.

All our snow is gone. It rained and thunder stormed all night, and its about 50 out right now. I can't really say I’m too sad about it because I REALLY hate snow.

Off to go clean and do laundry.


Jules said...

Good Luck with the weight loss. I'm trying to shed a few kilos myself.

Happy ICLW!

Donor Diva said...

Getting started is the hardest part! Looking forward to you joining us in the weekly weigh-ins!

Josey said...

That's awesome your hubby is doing it with you!