Sunday, August 23, 2009

This week has not exactly been stellar on the diet and exercise front. I haven't had the chance to work out at all with all of the stuff going on as we are getting ready to move. Hub and I have been cleaning out the house for the past few days. We never really had a chance to move into our town house three years ago, so alot of the closets are full of junk that we didn't weed out in the last move. Also, our townhouse complex does not allow yard sales, so we have been listing all of the stuff that still has life left in it on craigs list. In case you've never done this, it's time consuming and your phone never stops ringing. Oh and your parading a bunch of freaks through your home... Awesome! So glad I'm at work today and Hub is handling all of the inquaries today.

Oh and eating... Don't get me started on how impossible it is to eat healthy when your trying to eat all the stuff in your fridge and pantry. Did I mention there is chocolate lava cake in my freezer? Nope... Well there is... ( * disclaimer * they were from an anniversary and yeah we never ate them... Trash now...) anyhow... It's hard squishing all the random junk into a suitable lunch, really hard when you consider I'm still working, so it has to be portable. So that random can of green beans won't work. We're trying not to buy anything but I'm stopping on the way home to get milk and bread, we have too much dry cereal and coffee to not have milk.

Wow this is really rambally... Oh well it's all I can manage given the current state of my insane life.

We are about to kick off a huge road trip. We leave here sometime the first week in September and we are driving our two cars to Detroit, with a stop over in Pittsburg. From Detroit we are driving my car to Pennsacola Fl. On the way down we are stopping in Nashville for a night. Check back for pictures and tales from the road. Oh and then you get to read about what it's like to live in a hotel room on a Navy base for a month... Boy won't that be fun...

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