Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Gah Busy ~ And ~ Watch me Shrink - Late Edition.

This week was chaos. As you may have read last week my best friend came back into my life, after about 8 years. Its almost like nothing has changed. She seems to be doing better now. I hope she continues down the road to getting her life straightened out.

My Mom and her fiance came down for a long weekend. We ha a lot of fun and I missed her a lot. I'm glad she came down.

So now you know why I haven't posted in about a week, sorry ... bad blogger... I know... I suck... I'm sorry.

This weeks weigh in was not good. I weighed in at 201 ... yeah... not good. Not good at all. Sunday night we went out to the beach and camped out at the bar. I drank, a few. So I think my weigh in may not be very accurate. I have avoided the scale like the plague since Monday for fear it would still say the same thing.

Even so, I feel like crap because, I haven't worked out in a while, since at least last week, and my eating has been way out of control. I don't even know how out of control it was because I didn't keep very good track of it.

This week I am going to work out every day (starting tomorrow) and eat well. I'm going to get myself back on track.

My cycle went away again. It had been coming pretty regular up until last month, since I started losing weight. I'm bummed about that... really bummed. So hopefully that will come back soon.

We are getting ready for our move the week after next, so I will be really busy cleaning things out and getting organized. Right now my life is wrapped up in lists.

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