Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Watch Me Shrink...

Or not... Yeah I stayed the same this week, but it doesn't really supprise me. I've eaten alot of carbs and not worked out except that one time in two weeks.

My goals this week:

I am going to eat loads of fruit and veggies and proteen... NOT CARBS... yeah... me and carbs not friends...

Im still going to use Lose it on my I*phone to keep track of my calories and exercize. I'm going to aim at being about 400 calories under my limit every day (That's 2800 extra calories every week that I wont be eating, and that is equal to about 3/4 of a pound) . I find a lot of the time I really dont need some of the food I'm eating. I'm just eating it to fill up my calories for the day.

I am going to work out every other day. I am going to do my 20 minute run, then a strength training session. Possibly on the off days I might do Yoga, because I am still sore from what I did on Sunday night and I think all the streching will help that.

I need to find a good way to kill cravings. It's been really bad lately in the I'd kill for chocolate department. Any sugestions?

Im off now to work out, even though I really dont want to because Im still sore from Sunday.

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