Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Weekly Wednesday Weigh-in.

1. Reiterate my goal and where I stand in reference to this goal. (BMI info from this website)
I didn't lose anything thing this week. I think maybe AF is around the corner. ( With PCOS you never really know.)

Starting BMI: 30.8
Starting weight: 227

Last Week’s Weight: 227
Current Weight:224
Goal Weight : 190

Last Week’s BMI: 30.8
Current BMI:30
Goal BMI: 25

2. Discuss what I am going to do to achieve my goals.

I'm still going to use the lose it app to track my calories.

Last week I felt kinda bad when I ran, so I think for a while I'm going to lay off running, and do some work out dvds to build myself up to a point that I can run more easily.

I'm still going to drink more water. Some days I did really good. Others the Crystal lite and Diet Pepsi called to me a little too loudly.

Bloggers I follow that are participating:
If you want to join in just leave me a comment, so I can follow your progress too!

The Donor Diva is TTC #2

If you’re doing it too please leave a comment. I wasn't able to get to most of your blogs. I had an issue with the comments. But I think it is fixed now.


Michele said...

I'm here, I'm doing it, and I'm still so glad you've joined in!

Josey said...

Way to check in! (I'm doing it too - I'm actually the one who started WWW).

You said you didn't lose, but your numbers show you went down 3? Either way, way to stick with it!

Donor Diva said...

Way to go! I found when I went from week 1 to 2 in the running program it was to much. Listen to you body and it will guide you.

Excited to see how the next week goes!