Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 2 : What makes you uniquely you?

I'm the girl with chipped nail polish.

I'd rater be on the beach then anywhere else on earth. Even though I burn like a lobster in just a few minutes.

I grew up in a beach town because of this, I love the quiet solitude of a remote beach in the off season.

I'm the one who is partly invisable in public, but when you look you can really see her.

I am a decent cook.

I hate writing about myself.

I am crafty, artistic, and creative.

I secretly want to be a country singer, but I really don't sing that well. I mean I'm okay in the car, or shower or while cleaning the house... but not in front of people, who might have payed to see someone sing.

I want to learn to play guitar, desperately.

I have a very small, very close family. I live very far away from most of them. They mean the world to me.

I'm shy and quiet, till I decide that your an okay person. Then you'll never shut me up.

I have scares physcally and emotionally. The emotional ones are always worse.

I suck at spelling.

I dont tust or scare easlily.

I love taking pictures.

I someday really want to own a house. Mostly because we move every three years and I really want some place that is mine.

When I was growing up I had 2 goats, 4 bunnies, 3 cats, 1 dog, and alot of ducks and chickens. Not all at the same time though.

I will eat the whole container of icecream... so hide it from me please!

I have a drawer full of candles. I think its an upsesion now.

Day 1. I have a ____ month old and already I'm thinking, I'm going to miss him at this age. Have you felt that way, and what age do you miss the most?
Day 2. What makes you uniquely you?
Day 3. A photo that makes you happy
Day 4. Style 31. Post a pic of you in your favorite outfit.
Day 5. Write a blog thanking someone who has made your heart come alive.
Day 6. Your most embarrassing moment
Day 7. Do you believe in the "cry until he sleeps" method?
Day 8. Have a beauty secret (e.g. hair tip, make up tip)? Share, please!
Day 9. What virtues do you value in yourself?
Day 10. What are some of your favorite MAC products, and what foundation/powder do you wear?
Day 11. Post a recipe. Or if you don't cook, try a new recipe and write about how it turned out (pictures please!).
Day 12. Write about what wears you out as a woman.
Day 13. A YouTube video
Day 14. Style 31. Post an outfit pic!
Day 15. What do you wish for?
Day 16. How old was Carter when he started sleeping through the night and how did you do this?
Day 17. Write about 3 things that make you happy.
Day 18. If you could, what would you tell yourself before you had your baby?
Day 19. Write about your significant other
Day 20. Write about your job and why you love it or hate it.
Day 21. Write about your most vivid childhood memory. Post a picture of you taken over ten years ago.
Day 22. What did you do today?
Day 23. Who's your celebrity look alike?
Day 24. What is God teaching you presently?
Day 25. Style 31. Post a pic of your favorite comfy clothes.
Day 26. What do you hope your grandchildren will say about you someday when you are gone?
Day 27. Who are your favorite bloggers?
Day 28. Write about your insecurities as a woman.
Day 29. Your day, in great detail
Day 30. What do you think is going to happen to you after you die?
Day 31. Your favorite quote

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Meghann said...

you had a lot of pets! love this post :)