Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Spring Adventures

Its been a busy few months around these parts. We've been to a baseball game, visited Chicago, we've been on a camping trip, and last night Jack filled up his little pool, for a pool party.
That's Jack being a Turtle at the Chicago Childrens' Museum.
We're spending the summer trying to cram in as much fun, and seeing as many things around these parts as we can, before we move. Oh, not sure I've said anything on here, but we have verbal orders ( nothing is set in stone till we get the paper ones, sometime in the next few months.) but we are going to New Hampshire for a few months, then off to San Diego. I'm pretty excited! I've never been to California, and all my family is in New Hampshire, it will be nice to get to see them all again, and let Jack do some growing up around the things, and people I grew up with. Anyhow, summer plans... We have a few more camping trips planed. We bought a pop up this year, its an '82 but its in really good shape, and we plan to use it. We are going up to the U.P. and to see Mackinac Island. We are having a HUGE moving sale this summer at some point. I've started gathering all the things we don't use, and cleaning them up and pricing them. Its amazing how much stuff we have. Of coarse there will be trips to the lake to swim, and all the typical summer stuff. On top of all that we are preparing to move. It's going to be an awesome summer.

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