Monday, April 16, 2012


Time for an update, list style.

We put in for orders again this month. Thankfully, there were other options than Guam. ( That doesn't mean we will get any of them, but at least it makes me feel a bit better.)

Waiting again... right smack in the middle of the two worst weeks of the month. *Sigh* Don't think I'll see the elusive two lines. But still hoping a little.

Jack spent the night in the hospital the week before last. He had Croup. He's okay now... It was actually kind of BS that we had to stay, as the nurses kept him up all night, and made him worse. As soon as we got home and he got some sleep, he was 100 times better.

Watched the Red Wings get pushed around the ice on Sunday... they lost... it was sad. We have Tickets for this weeks game too. I hope they do better.

Jack was at Hub's mom's house while we were at the game and fell outside and split his nail. It looks so gross, and I think his nail is going to come off, but it doesn’t seem to be bothering him at all.

I fell off the low carb bus while Jack was in the hospital... I'm getting back on now, but its alot harder.

Went for a jog today, the wind was so bad I thought we(Jack and I) would blow away. About a quarter of the way down the trail the stroller started to wobble alot, making it hard to push while walking, never mind running. Last year when we were in Utah Hub was messing around and broke it. We put it back together as best we could, but now it looks like time to start looking for a new jogger. :(

I got new tires on the truck today. I'm getting my windshield replaced tomorrow.

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