Thursday, December 1, 2011

Shrinking again... for real this time.

So almost 16 months have gone by since I had Jack, and I look like I'm at least 6 months pregnant. I've gained and lost about 15 pounds over and over since I had Jack. Now I ready to lose it for good.

Today I started the 30 day shread. I think it might take me more than
30 days to get through. I was only able to do about half of it before my lazyness overtook me and I gave it up. I will try agian tommrow.

Right now Jack is napping, when he wakes up we're going out to get some fruits and salad stuff. I'm going to try to recreate my eating plan from when I lost the weight before I got pregnant.

I'm hopeing to get healthy enough to get pregnant with number 2 before Hub goes back to a boat next fall. That lil monkey up there has made me want a house full of babies. He makes life so awesome. I'll give a Jack update soon.

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