Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dear Jack,

You are 4 months old now. I can hardly believe it.It seems like you are growing way to fast. You are so happy all the time. Your always smiling, and laughing, and babbling. Your favorite thing to do in the whole world is jump. You would jump all day if I let you. You stand in your jumper and hold on to the sides and leap off the floor and squeal and laugh and smile. It is really awesome to watch. You still hate to be on your belly though, I'm sorta afraid you'll never crawl. If we put you on your belly within a minute your whining and squirming and trying your hardest to flip over, or get us to pick you up. If we don't you throw a fit.

You sleep through the night most nights, waking up at 5am and going back down till around 8ish. Thank you for that. I really like that you sleep so I can too. Because you sleep so much at night you wake up starving! So this month you started solid foods. You had been interested in our foods ever since you could focus on things, and you love food. I gave you a little bit of rice cereal and you smiled so big, as if to say, "YAY! Food I don't have to drink." lol. Then you inhaled the rest of it. So far you've only tried a few foods, rice cereal (like), apples (sorta like), bananas (sorta like I don't think you enjoy the sliminess of them.), and avocados (LOVE!!!)

This month you got to see Santa for the first time. All the babies in line before you screamed bloody murder when they got to sit on his lap. Not you you looked up at him and smiled then you looked over at me and smiled really big, and mommy got the best First Santa visit picture ever!

Last night we decorated the tree and you really liked to see yourself in the silver bulbs. You are fascinated by the lights on the tree. You sit and stare at them with a look of wonder on your face.

This is going to be the bet Christmas ever, because I already got the best gift ever... you.

Love you forever,


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