Monday, December 31, 2012

Then There Were Two.

I know I haven't been writing too much, and I didn't write too much about this pregnancy. It went by so quickly that I lost track of time. Lorelai Diane  ( Her Daddy has been calling her Lola) was born on the 23rd of December at 4:50pm, at 32 weeks. She was 4lbs 2oz, and 17 inches long. She came into the world feisty and screaming.

Because she came so early, she is the NICU, but she is doing great. She has been breathing on her own, and never needed any help on that front. She basically just needs to learn how to eat and grow, then we can bring her home. To me its a little heart breaking that we can't all be together. My son is at his Grammy's house ( my mom) and we are staying at the Ronald Mcdonald house near her hospital. Its a little over an hour from our home. But I know its what needs to happen, and we will all be back together soon enough.

She was jaundiced and spent 7 days under the lights. So far she hasn't needed to be under them for the last two days, but there is a chance that she may need to go back under if her bilirubin levels go back up. It was something I expected. Jack needed the same thing, and I'm pretty sure it has a bit to do with sphearophytosis. ( it runs in my family, both me and Jack have it, and I'm 85% sure Lola does too.)

She has already gained 3 oz and is only 9 days old. That is pretty weird to say because her preeme sized clothes are huge on her, but she is growing. :)  I'm pretty proud of that because she is getting about 90 to 95% breast milk. I am so happy that it seems to be coming in this time, and I can provide the milk that she needs. Although pumping is a pain ( sometimes literally) it makes me feel like I am doing something to help her.

 I will write her birth story soon, when things calm down a bit.


J o s e y said...

Oh wow, that's early! I'm so glad that she and you are both doing well!

Kelli said...

Oh holy moly!! Where have I been? Congrats, sweet friend! She is beautiful and I am SO happy for you. Glad to hear that you are both doing well. Prayers for her to come home quickly and that the transition for all of you to be easy. Much love and many hugs! <3