Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Well the moving truck came and took all of our things last Friday. We are in limbo. Unfortunately for me that means we are at my inlaws till the 5th. Really its most unfortunate for Jack. Sadly he is getting yelled at for no reason more times a day then I can count... well that is when my sister in law is home that is... She really thinks she is some sort of authority figure to my kid. What she really is, is an example of everything we don't want him to be. ( spoiled, lazy, rude, entitled.... the list is too long to write out) Tonight I finally had a mini melt down. It was really much needed, and truth be told it sorta felt good to get it off my shoulders. She was trying to threaten Jack to go to bed ( with out dinner mind you) at 5... and she kept it up till he told my Hub he was ready for bed hours later. He was hungry and starting to melt down before I could put food in front of him. So she thought it was alright to yell at him and make him more upset because he wanted dinner and she was trying to tell him he couldn't have any. Then she nagged the crap out of him so he wouldn't eat. Then she was all bent outta shape when he ate half my dinner an hour later. ( Cause he was starving!). I bit my tongue, but really I was about to boil over.

Jack told Hub he was ready for night night... and she sighed and immediately jumped up and said "I suppose I'll have to put you to bed, since no one has been listening to me. You PITA" (yeah really) Well... that was it. I had, HAD IT! I told her to sit down and don't you dare try to parent my child. He is my child and unless you had a role in creating him then DON'T DISCIPLINE HIM! She started to open her mouth and I told her to Sit Down! I can handle putting my own son to bed, and that she didn't need to have any involvement in the process. I took Jack upstairs and he was upset from being nagged and yelled at for hours. He keeps asking me when we get to go see Grammy and Uncle ( my mom and brother). He knows we are going there next and moving near them. Its really sad that a 2 year old knows where he is not wanted and not being treated well. Hub has about had it too. He said if things keep up we are going to a hotel and telling them he got to check out early and that we are gone.  

Really this is sad... you would think that someone who knows they wont be seeing their son /brother  or grand kids/ nephew and niece to be, for a long time would be a little more nice and welcoming. But nope. I didn't expect too much for myself, as it is really clear how they feel about me, but really it makes me so sad to see them treat Hub and my kiddo this way.  I'm going out of my way to make sure things are clean and there is good food for dinner and they still act like its a HUGE inconvenience that we are staying in the spare room upstairs. This house is better cleaned and taken care of since we have been here, because I do it, and I don't just sit on my ass like someone else who is home alot.  Hub fixed a vacuum that his sister purposely broke so she wouldn't have to clean, and she had a fit... well sorry... but really I was about / / that close to going out and buying one... because when you have 2 cats and you don't vacuum for months ( that's a generous estimate) that results in grossness... and I'm really sick of my son eating cat hair because its all over!!   I'm really sick of her spoiled rotten little child shenanigans. I hope I don't have to yell at her again, or I might just tell exactly how I feel. She came down stairs not too long ago and acted like nothing at all happened. I really think she stopped mentally developing at age 6.

  9 days till we can leave here... please send good thoughts my way. I need them.

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J o s e y said...

What in the world?!! How old is your SIL? That is RIDICULOUS. Good for you for standing up for yourself and your child. Good that your hubby has your back as well. UGH.