Monday, April 25, 2011

The Wagon.... Falling Off Of.

I have been on the weight loss wagon, and off the weight loss wagon at least ten times in the past month. It’s a sucky self esteem battering situation.

I was in Ta*get tonight picking up a few things and two thin blonde twigs in workout clothes were walking behind me. I heard them start laughing and then one of the twigs said to the other one look at her butt. Yeah awesome. You rock bitch! As if I hadn't had a rough enough time adjusting to my post baby body without your unwarranted input. Suck my droopy jeans twiggy bitch. PS. Eat a steak... and choke on it.

I haven't been blogging about weight loss lately because I seem to be losing and gaining back the same couple of pounds, and two weeks ago we got a new scale, after being without a working one for a while. Our old scale was doing this thing where it would very 5 to 10 pounds every time you stepped on it. So we got a new shiny digital one. I didn't like what it said. So off I fell. I stopped exercising. I was actually starting to enjoy it, but the little voice in my head that kicks me when I'm down said "HA! It's not working." Actually, the scale I was using was broken, but I couldn't let myself believe that. I got into a negative downward spiral of suck.

Well no more. I'm sick of it. I'm sick of being the droopy pants-ed woman in the store, and I'm sick of having nothing that fits. Mostly I'm sick of feeling bad about my body. My amazing body, that just managed to do the one thing I've been trying so hard to get it to do for 5 years. I'm getting my body back. Tonight at Ta*get was the last straw.

I decided to kick things off with a cleanse. I've never done anything like this before. I'm not looking for a miracle with it. I'm just hoping that it cleans the junk out of my system and makes it so I don't want it so badly. If I manage to lose a few pounds in the process bonus, and that'll be just the motivation I need.

I decided on the Quicktrim cleanse, mainly because I can't stomach the thought of drinking some weird concoction or eating only apples, or some other crazy thing for 2 weeks. With the Quicktrim cleanse I get to eat food, and live my life. I have to drink more water, and take the pills (which I debated doing, but in the end I read the ingredients and it didn't have anything dangerous in it.) and exercise, for 14 days. I can do anything for 14 days. After the two weeks is up, my plan is to do the same thing I did to lose the weight the last time. I'm going to cut my calories and not eat processed white carbs, and drink lots of water. I will be tracking my food on my Lose It app to keep me on track. I also will be working out more. My goal to start is 4 days a week, doing the Kempo X video, and 30 minutes on my elliptical. I hope to get that up to 6 days a week, and maintain that. I hope that I can get more fit and maybe even start training to run a half marathon.

I'm starting the cleanse on Saturday, because that is when we get paid and I can buy new groceries, and get the old stuff out of my house. I'm going to start drinking the water in the morning, because it's free and I'm going to need to ease myself into it, as that is alot of water.

My goal weight is 180.

I hope to be at my goal weight by the end of August.

As an added bonus if I am on track for my goal, I should fit in my summer clothes. :)

The stats:

Starting weight:217

Daily calorie intake:1600

Water Intake: 169 oz

Pounds till goal: 37

**** Not a paid ad. Quicktrim has no idea who I am. *****

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jill said...

Ugh. Those bitches :( I'm so sorry that happened to you.

Wishing you luck on the new approach! You can do it!!