Thursday, October 8, 2009

Toegate 2009

WARNING: The following post is laden with nasty descriptions of a medical nature. If you squeamish, turn back now. Once your strapped in to the ride its like a train wreck that you cant look away from. Please, turn back now if you don't want to hear about my night in the ER... Really I don't blame you... go now run!

So the two of you that are still reading this, HI! ( Also Hi MOM.... I know your one of the 2... ; ) )

It. Got. Worse. Much worse, yesterday. By the time my husband got home at around 5 it looked as though my foot had been inflated by a bicycle pump, and my toe was covered in very swollen blister like things. Also and this is the part that made my husband force me to the ER, there was a really nasty black spot right where my toe joins with the foot.

So we hobbled to the car at about 5pm, and stopped off for dinner, because we both thought that was going to be spending some time in the hospital given the above described scariness. We got to the ER and it was a full up mad house in there. I guess Wednesday night is the cool time to go to the ER. We I checked in with the charge nurse, who rolled her eyes at me when I told her I'd been there on Monday, and gotten worse. I could almost hear the voice in her head say " Yeah, surrrrrrrre you have..." and we sat. Two hours till I got in to the trauma bay to get looked at. That nurse was the same one that gave me my hurt foot shoe that I conveniently "lost" as soon as I was coherent enough to take it off on Monday. She was all ... uuuuuuuummmm that's gross... glad you came in. Then we got to sit for two more hours, lucky us!

I got a room, and eventually the Doc came in and I told him my something bit me while I was in the ocean story. He poked my foot, and told me that he thought it was a bad allergic reaction to fish venom of some kind. He popped a couple of the blisters, and cultured them. I had xrays to rule out bone infection, and blood work, and they gave me Benadril, and Zantax. And then they sent me home, with new prescriptions, that seem to be working. It was almost 1:30 am when we got to leave the ER.

My foot is better, and less itchy, and burny, less swelling, and less blister thingies. I already feel better.


Minta said...

Holy hoo-ha Batman! That sucks! I hope it continues to get better!

(Hi Jenn's Mom)

Anonymous said...

I am glad you feel better chicy,

Hi minta, chicy who is minta?? lol